Melodía escondida

Musical game


Hidden Melody is a game that invites the public to transform the time of a song with their hands and discover the hidden song. A Kinect sensor detects the position and movement of the hands in front of the screen. By separating hands time expands and stretches music, and by bringing closer hands time speeds and music is shortened. To win the game you have to find the original time of each song and recognize the name of the piece.

Hidden melody

Melodía escondida was developed under an agreement between the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UNLP and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Nation to be part of "Lugar a dudas" at the Cultural Center of Science (C3).

Artistic direction: Biopus (Emiliano Causa / Matías Romero Costas)

Sound design: Rosa Nolly

Visual design: Christian Silva

Code: Matias Jauregui Lorda

Kinect code: Matías Romero Costas

Ilustrations: Ayelén García

General direction: Matías Romero Costas y Emiliano Causa

General production: Martín Barrios (Sec. Prod. Facultad de Bellas Artes UNLP)