Interactive art game

CCK, 2016

"Ludus" is an experiment that tries to investigate relations: 1) the body and the work of art, 2) the interactivity and the discourse. It is presented as a video game in which the goal is to unveil a text that is incomplete that belongs to a selection of quotes from thinkers related to subjectivity and capitalism.


In order to complete the text, the audience must compromise their body in a game where their movements coordinate a flow of texts (like a river, a swarm, a band of letters) to feed different musical nodes. To the extent that it manages to hold all the nodes fed, it goes up in levels, and as a result, revealing new letters of the text, in order to decipher it. But what happens when the commitment required to the body in the game is increasing? What happens when, a delivery payment a growing delivery, the promise is not fulfilled? The texts, perhaps, can not be read, but, remain in the body the trace of the interaction? What about Subjectivity and Capitalism?