Interactive art

Fundación Telefónica, 2020

Espectro It is an installation that illustrates the way mobile technologies communicates people. New technologies allow us to weave varied times and spaces, building maps and networks of connection. The installation tries to make visible what technology makes transparent, the network that reconfigures space towards a personal topology, a map of those I want to be close to.


Espectro is part of the exposition "Conectados. Una mirada a la tecnología que nos acerca"

Artistic direction: Biopus (Emiliano Causa y Matías Romero Costas)

Code: Emiliano Causa, Matías Romero Costas, Daniel Loaiza

Music and Sound design: Gabriel Sigilio

Mounting: David Bedoian, Daniel Loaiza

Production: Fundación Telefónica