Código ensamble

Sensitive musical multitouch table


Código ensamble allows the public to build, deconstruct and generate variations and combinations of musical structures that come into play when placing, removing or turning interactive pieces on the surface.
Each piece represents a musical instrument, and its rotation generates variations in construction or deconstruction of a musical style. Each instrument acts in complementarity with the others to recreate an assembly, allowing different paths between styles and ensembles.

Código ensamble

Código ensamble combines generative music composition with the visual representation of information that comes from its code.

Código ensamble was developed under an agreement between the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UNLP and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Nation to be part of "Lugar a dudas" at the Cultural Center of Science (C3).

Artistic direction: Biopus (Emiliano Causa / Matías Romero Costas)

Music and sound design: Rosa Nolly

Visual and interface design: Connie Borsano

Code: Matías Sánchez Rivas

Construction and test: Tomás Picasso / Ezequiel Rivero

Industrial design: Pablo Alcat y Juan Pablo Pireddu

Interactive pieces production: Sebastián Nill

General direction: Matías Romero Costas y Emiliano Causa

General production: Martín Barrios (Sec. Prod. Facultad de Bellas Artes UNLP)